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FAIR Representatives Attend Conference in Colombia

Representatives from FAIR will be leaving for Colombia on Sunday to attend an International Conference for innocent victims of terrorism in Bogota. The extended invitation is undeniably a vindication of the work FAIR has done for victims in Northern Ireland, and is an excellent opportunity to inform the international community of the issues facing victims here.

FAIR will be using the occasion to apprise other victims groups from an international context of the activities of Sinn Fein/ IRA post-ceasefire, and of the atrocities committed during the 30 years of Troubles. The opportunity to further develop an international network of innocent victims cannot be passed up. FAIR in it's delegation to Israel in October 2004 set in motion a drive to link victims groups from around the world with one common objective - to combat terrorism. Though as yet an embryonic development, this Conference represents the next stage in the Network and will ratchet up the pressure on Sinn Fein / IRA, and terrorist groups in general.

The FAIR representatives will be gleaning from the experiences of other victims groups any useful information to apply to the Northern Ireland context, and in doing so will share their own knowledge and expertise with them in turn. The delegates will be informing those present of those who have recently flown to Colombia in support of the Bogota 3, the IRA terrorists who are still at large in the country. FAIR will also be meeting with representatives of the Colombian government

FAIR will be taking the line that all international governments must stem the metamorphosis of terrorist groups into 'legitimate' stakeholders and that they must be disenfranchised from political processes until it is verifiable that they have left violence behind. The way of avoiding legitimisation is to keep the groups on the US International Register of terrorist groups until they have a proven track record, and the FAIR representatives will be encouraging a strong stance against the implicated organisations. Only then can the sinister web of terrorism which exists in the world today be broken.

There has been a growing realisation from around the world that innocent victims who have suffered at the hands of terrorists must unite in solidarity against the perpetrators, and that they must be seen by the world to stand together. Their day has come - no longer will the embattled innocent victims be subject to the dictates of the murderer. Appeasement has been proven to be an abject failure - now it is time for the victims to win the war.


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