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Colombia 3 : Throw away the key

The victims of IRA terrorism in south Armagh welcome the verdict of the Colombian appeal court that has overturned the acquittal of the IRA terrorists known as the Colombia three: Martin McCauley, Niall Connolly and Jim Monaghan, sentencing them to 17 years each in jail. The connections between the IRA and terrorist organisations around the world including FARC, ETA, various Palestinian groups such as the PLO, and the likes of Fidel Castro has been a great concern to us, in that it can only increase the capacity of the IRA to bring terror to our communities and internationally. What is more it shows the insincerity of their rhetoric of peace.

The fact that these three men are now on the run from Colombian justice is a clear indicator that they are in the same league as the numerous other IRA criminals that have avoided justice by jumping borders. We are encouraged that at least one country has shown the courage to stand up to these murderers even when the criminals in question receive support from the government of what is supposed to be a free and democratic state such as the Irish Republic. It is time the likes of Catriona Ruane and Bertie Ahern stopped trying to deceive the public regarding the activities of these men. They still have the front to deny that these men are IRA members despite the numerous evidences, and the fact that Niall Connolly was the IRA's permanent representative in Havana to Castro's oppressive regime. The IRA and the republican movement not only owe a debt to society in Northern Ireland but also to the citizens of Colombia.

We want to express our support for Colombian justice and hope that these men are caught in the very near future, and then incarcerated preferably in solitary confinement. We also wish to show our solidarity with the Colombian victims of terrorism who have suffered the same blight to their lives as we have - it seems even by the same perpetrators. Those that have stood bail for these men should now be made to pay. Once they have reapprehended the Colombia three, we say they should throw away the key.


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