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Irish Government and Human Rights Abuses

Victims in South Armagh are incredulous that the Irish Government has taken the British Government to task over the Dublin & Monaghan bombings, and brought a case against them to the European Court of Human Rights. We would hasten to add that the victims of these atrocities are fully entitled to an inquiry, and that the matter should be fully investigated. But the fact remains that the Irish Government is not as pure as the driven snow as they would like to claim.

The Republic of Ireland is on record as a supplier of weapons and funds to the IRA, an internationally recognised sub-state terrorist force. Coupled with this has been a great reluctance to stop the activities of the IRA in the South, such as recruitment, training, building and maintaining of arms dumps, multiple safe houses and smuggling plants. This alone would be enough for any straight-thinking person to say that their hands are bloodied, and that they are culpable in the deaths of thousands. When refusing to extradite known terrorists and in some cases mass murderers, allowing explosives to be stolen close to the border, and free, unopposed transit of terrorists and their materiel is added to the list, the Human Rights abuses become shockingly clear. Indeed, it has been known for terrorists to stand on the Irish side of the border and laugh at the security forces. But that is no surprise considering their muted pro-Nazi stance in the Second World War.

Sixty Years ago on the 2nd May 1945 the political leader of the Irish Free State and embodiment of the Irish Republican movement failed even to be discreet in his support for Nazism. Eamon de Valera, the survivor of the 1916 Easter rising (a track record for helping German war efforts), saw fit to sign a petition of condolence at the German legation in Dublin to express his grief on the death of Hitler. Furthermore, he went to personally commiserate with the Nazi representative in Eire, Dr Eduard Hempel on the death of their beloved Fuhrer.

There seems to be no political will to delve into the murky past of the Irish Government and it's policies, or to highlight it's flagrant abuses of the Human Rights of Northern Ireland's citizens. Instead, the tables are turned on the British Government who struggled to contain the Troubles fuelled by Irish support.

FAIR has stated before its willingness to take to the streets of Dublin and to picket the Irish Government in order to highlight the plight of victims who have suffered indirectly at their hands. We reiterate our promise and will do everything in our power to highlight the Human Rights abuses committed by the Irish Government. We hope that inquiries into the Dublin and Monaghan bombings yield results, just as much as we hope that Irish ministers and TDs will be confronted with the insidious policies they endorsed during the Troubles.


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