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Blair Ignores Dossier on Criminal Activities

The Prime Minister has not acknowledged receipt of the dossier handed in to 10 Downing Street that detailed smuggling and other criminal activities in South Armagh. Representatives from FAIR had personally handed in the document on the 27th of January to ensure that it was delivered direct to the Prime Minister's door. There has been no subsequent communication about the matter.

This is a public slight to the victims in that normal protocol demands an acknowledgement of receipt at least. It is glaringly obvious that Mr Blair has treated the information with reckless disregard, and so is allowing the activities detailed in the dossier to continue largely unchecked. If he had any sense of duty to ordinary British citizens he would have extended the courtesy of making an attempt to answer their questions. Ignoring the issue does not make the problem go away, as he will learn.

A senior MP will be raising the issue in the House of Commons, and will be seeking answers as to why the terrorist criminal underworld of South Armagh is allowed to exist and flourish at the expense of ordinary people. Instead of dealing with the godfathers and their henchmen in a manner commensurate with the demands of the law, Mr Blair has chosen to ignore them and their activities. In the face of increased pressure on Sinn Fein / IRA even from the Nationalist side, this seems to be an irregular response. The victims who have suffered at their hands reiterate their commitment, no matter what Blair's actions are, to expose these terrorists and their illegal activities for the world to see.


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