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Re-jigging of the Barron Report

In regard to the situation whereby a unit is to investigate members of the security forces, it is unfortunate that they based so much of the findings that prompted the need for the unit on the word of a convict who has a mental problem, who was convicted for his part in a murder. It seems that this man now aims to discredit the force that put him behind bars.

We were told that things could not be taken out of sequence in terms of murder investigations, as we have submitted a list of approximately 80 murderers (including mass murder and torture) that took place in South Armagh. These 80 murders were listed in one report alone, but as yet we have had no action or indeed indication that there will be action.

We will be meeting the Historical Enquiries Team (HET) in the next few days to see why there is interference from the PSNI, when we were told there would be none in relation to these murder investigations.

Hugh Orde has become one of the most political Chief Constables we have ever seen, or are likely to see. He is obviously having his strings pulled by Sinn Hain, even to the extent that he is even supporting republicans who may or may not be under threat. All this is taking place while law abiding citizens’ security and safety is being ignored.

In this report there has been no mention of even the possibility of Garda/IRA collusion, especially around the border areas. This report is nothing more than a re-jigging of the Barron Report and at least when we look at that report we can see a number of people arrested and charged – a luxury we did not have with the murders of our loved ones. We demand justice and equality. Even after a brief meeting with one of these American lawyers who helped with the report, he was able to determine that IRA/Garda collusion had indeed been a reality.


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