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Fraternising with an Active Enemy!

Despite the appeals of victims in South Armagh loyalist spokesmen appear intent on meeting and supporting Republicans in our area. Our heart-felt calls to these individuals not to disgrace the memory of our loved ones by adding legitimacy to this Republican event has fallen on deaf ears. We have also been contacted by many members of the loyalist community in Belfast who are equally shocked and saddened. They have said that on a nightly basis their areas and homes are being attacked by Republicans and cannot understand why loyalists choose to visit Republicans in South Armagh instead of defending the interests and lives of their own people in Belfast.

It is not the first time FAIR has had to travel to Belfast to stand up for the victims there communities who have been under constant attack. We would never contemplate going to an area such as the Ardoyne or Suffolk uninvited and meeting with the local Republicans, or worse still attending their events. What would the protestant people of North and west Belfast think if William Frazer or other members of FAIR went to their areas, ignored them and went to support a Republican event like the Rally at Casement Park to mark the Hunger Strikes? Well that is exactly how victims in South Armagh feel.

If this meeting does go ahead and loyalist do attend FAIR will make it its business to get to the bottom of the clear lines of communication and close contacts between loyalists and republicans. A recent Northern Ireland Affairs Committee made passing reference to these close links in a criminal context. We now feel there has to be questions asked as to exactly how far these links go. The liaison at interface areas is an issue which must be looked at. We would not like to find out that some republicans and loyalists have a cosy relationship while victims continue to suffer.


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