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Republicans Portray Killers as “Heroes”

It seems Republicans are trying to portray murderers as heroes, for their actions in the IRA. In reality, they are just cowardly killers, many of whom killed as many Roman Catholics as anyone else. These so-called heroes were responsible for the murder of women and children throughout South Armagh. Some of the worst atrocities were carried out in South Armagh and include Kingsmill, where ten men were lined up against a van and slaughtered in front of a firing squad, or Tullyvallen, where 5 were killed in a Orange hall and 14 were injured. At this particular atrocity, one man present produced his personal protection weapon and fired one shot back at the IRA unit, hitting one of the hooded gunmen. All 14 “heroes” then ran from the scene. A senior police officer stated at the time, that if he had of got two shots off, the entire IRA unit might well have surrendered, but unfortunately the man was hit by three bullets before he could do so.

Then we have Peter Cleary who once again is being portrayed as a hero. He is just another example of a renowned killer whose claim to fame was shooting a 60 year old woman 38 times while she sat in her car. When caught by undercover soldiers and one UDR man, he could be heard over two fields away, squealing like a pig because he did not want to go to jail. While the soldiers and Cleary waited for a helicopter to take Cleary from the scene, he spilt his guts for approximately an hour and a half. He told everything about his so-called comrades’ actions in the IRA and was telling everything so fast that the soldiers present could hardly keep up in recording it all down. When the fear of going to jail became too much for him, he tried to run and in the struggle he was shot dead. So this hero cried like a baby when apprehended.

While Republicans seem hell-bent on making martyrs out of these killers, we intend to counteract this by telling the truth of exactly what these men did do and how some were responsible for genocide.

It was always the case, especially in the border region, that if the security forces had not had their hands tied, that killers like Cleary could have been dealt with easily in a short space of time.

The soldiers and especially the UDR soldier present that night when Cleary was apprehended, heard everything that Cleary disclosed in that hour and a half, while waiting on the helicopter. The men who captured McCleary should be given medals for ridding Ulster of the renowned killer Peter Cleary. This man was driven by a lust to kill Protestants.

We would like to congratulate the UDR soldier and the other soldiers there that night for their part in the apprehension of Cleary. We would recommend they be given medals for capturing Cleary. We demand full disclosure of exactly what Cleary did say that night.


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