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Victims will not just disappear!

It is with annoyance that we continually see Republican victims’ cases highlighted by Sinn Fein and enquiries continually called for. Yet victims within Unionist circles are under-represented and at times ignored by our own politicians. We have yet to hear of victims as a high priority by our politicians. Even Hilary Clinton stated last night how important it was for victims to be dealt with properly. All FAIR seems to get from the government is harassment. It would appear that the government have not realised that after 30 years of being terrorised by IRA/SF, we are not going to simply disappear. Just because people have voted for the current political situation, does not mean the victims must go away.

In contrast to disappearing, we intend to step up our campaign to ensure justice and support for victims. However it is an utter disgrace what we have to put up with, especially after what victims have suffered. We hope that the politicians who have helped us in the past, will continue to do so. Regardless of whether this is the case or not, as stated before, the victims issue is here to stay and we are prepared to hold protests to gain proper treatment for victims. The last thing that anyone needs is for victims on crutches and in wheelchairs to have to sit outside Stormont and protest to demand fair treatment for innocent victims.

This attitude is not solely felt by FAIR, but has been conveyed to us by numerous other victims groups and individuals throughout Ulster, who are feeling extremely let down.

The fight will go on for justice for innocent victims.


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