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Leeds Castle Talks to include victims issues

Members of FAIR travelled to Leeds Castle today to raise awareness of the victimís issues at the upcoming talks. By making their presence felt with posters, banners and placards they believe that all politicians and the people of mainland Britain will be reminded of the necessity of dealing with the legacy of the Conflict.

From tomorrow on they will be standing at the gates of the Castle with numerous posters and banners ensuring that everyone remembers those who have been disenfranchised by the í98 Peace Agreement. The victims were not organised in 98, but now they area formidable force, fed up with concessions and lack of movement from the British Government on the issue of Justice. This will go some way to avoiding the flawed beginnings of the Good Friday Agreement, during which the victims were not listened to at all. We have every faith in Dr Paisley and Jeffrey Donaldson, and the other DUP politicians, and hope to have a meeting with them during the talks, in or around Leeds Castle. This is a demonstration of their commitment in dealing with the core issues affecting the citizens of Northern Ireland post-Agreement.

We believe that the issues surrounding the victims of Northern Ireland will be dealt with and are definitely on the agenda. Although our wishlist includes complete decommissioning and disarmament, there is no doubt that the mindset must go above all. A public acknowledgement from Sinn Fein that they no longer have the right to murder for a United Ireland is required. But above all, Justice must be secured for those innocents who have suffered at the hands of the IRA, and we intend to remind Sinn Fein / IRA of this fact. The prisoners had their bite at the apple in the first Agreement, securing unbelievable concessions and amnesties, and it is now time for the real substantive issues to be dealt with.

We intend to remain at Leeds Castle to make our voices, and the voices of all innocent victims in Northern Ireland heard above the wheeling and dealing of Sinn Fein IRA negotiators.


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