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You can run but you cannot hide!

Finally it appears that there is a government willing to pursue terrorists, as tonight the Columbian authorities have called for the re-arrest of the PIRA terrorist criminals. As a group we are pleased to see the Columbian government taking the advise of ourselves and Columbian victims groups who together have been lobbying them for some time.

There is a common bond between victims here and in Columbia - a shared sence of loss at the hands of terror groups who have shared technology and methods. The situations may be different but the modus operandi of the terrorists is similar. And the results in terms of loss of live and terrible injury are the same.

It is a welcome development at a time when governments here appear willing to do anything to appease terrorism. It is ironic to see the Irish Government lecture others on the due process of law when only last week they did a u-turn on the McCabe killers. If anything the Dublin Government should learn a lesson from Columbia where criminals and terrorists are treated as such.

It is clear that the involvement of the Irish government in the internal affairs of that country will not be tolerated as it has been in the United Kingdom. For decades the Dublin Government has assisted the terrorists of the PIRA to escape justice. Not content with creating a terrorist safe haven in their own jurisdiction they have sought to defend and to fight the case of terrorists in Britain and Europe.

Their involvement has and continues to be a malignant influence in the political and legal life of our country. They have obstructed extraditions, allowed terrorists to escape and live freely over the border and have even funded, armed, trained and helped to create the PIRA. Now they appear willing to risk international censure by intervening in this matter.

The three men in question are well known terrorists and have a long history of involvement with the PIRA. We support the Columbian government and have met with their representatives on three separate occasions to provide information on the men they now seek. Given their links with FARC terrorists it would be wise for the Columbian government to hold them until such time as they are tried.


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