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Sinn Fein/IRA criminality

With the controversy that has taken centre stage over Sinn Fein/IRAs refusal to provide verification for any act of decommissioning and instead choosing to cry that they will not be humiliated, other issues of vital importance regarding the criminal nature of the republican movement have been sidelined - at least it seems by the media. Primarily there is Sinn Fein/IRAs role in gangsterism and crime, both here and in the republic of Ireland.

Gerry Adams claims to be a politician but he has so far failed to make a convincing liar with his pathetic attempt to have the lawlessness of Sinn Fein/IRA overlooked. Of course this is clearly in his interest - smuggling Diesel across the border and organising heists at Makro in Dunmurry have never been so profitable. What is strange is that Gerry thinks he can tell us these things just do not happen and that we can believe that and clear off. Even the usual republican propagandists in the SDLP in this case our own local Dominic Bradley MLA attacked Gerry over his pathetic claim that there is no connection between republican activism and crime.

The minister for Justice in the Irish Republic, Michael McDowell has commented on Sinn Fein/IRAs criminal record in the south outside of its criminal terrorist outrages. These include an array of illegal activity ranging from drugs to controlling the underworld activities in the Port of Dublin. Such things taking place in any other democratic country on earth would preclude such a political party from holding electoral office ever again. All we hear of course from Bertie is that there should be no effective means imposed to verify decommissioning, and how awful the DUP are.

As victims of terrorism living along the border we are all too aware of the criminal nature of Irish republicanism. The recent hold up of a lorry driver in Jonesborough displays the blatant disregard for the law Sinn Fein/IRA still has. It may be that the bombings and shootings of the 70s do not suit the agenda of the IRA at the moment, but the certainly the terrorising of the IRA has not ceased and the fact that Gerry is willing to go as far as denying the obvious is very telling. Dominic Bradley summed up the attitude of Sinn Fein/IRA well when he said with regard to republican activism and crime that Gerry either didn't know the difference - or did not care.

We are the people who have to live with the constant threat upon our lives and livelihoods from these dregs. This is an issue that we believe must be as central as verification of decommissioning. If the mindset of Sinn Fein/IRA has changed from terrorism to democracy and from blood to ballot boxes then surely drug dealing, extortion, smuggling, racketeering, robbery and all the other thuggery and crime they are active in must stop.


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