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Legal Update

FAIR has been working hard behind the scenes to push the ever-reluctant Irish government to fulfil its moral obligation to conduct an investigation in to the case of the murders Breen and Buchanan. We have drawn up a dossier relating to 60+ murders and we believe that there is sufficient evidence to allow the reopening of a number of cases. We currently have a legal team working with us that includes a number of barristers who could not believe the volume of evidence that is relevant to the cases and available.

In the near future we will be contacting individuals implicated by this evidence to see if they are willing to give themselves up before we demand the police to arrest them. In all honesty we do not expect much movement from the British government on this issue and so we are planning for the eventuality of taking the cases to the European Court.

We are also looking at private prosecutions against those involved with the intention of going after their assets because we know that a number of them have amassed a large amount of wealth by illicit and illegal means. In the new year we will be travelling to Brussels assisted by our MEP, Jim Allister QC who has made himself more than willing to assist and support us in legal matters which is greatly appreciated.

The government may have forgotten about justice and human rights for victims of terrorism but we have not and we wish to assure the terrorist that the families who suffered because of their action have not forgotten.


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