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Victims are disgusted at the response of their Government after a preliminary meeting with Paul Goggins the Security Minister for Northern Ireland. At a time when his Government are pressing for increased powers to tackle terrorism and conduct wars launched to punish states which support terror we see the total opposite approach to us. In a meeting which lasted little over half an hour as the Minister rushed to catch his plane back home to England he listened dispassionately as victims told him the horrific story of their experiences. As victims broke down on front of him telling how they lost both parents in a bomb which was comprised of Libyan supplied Semtex he replied that Libya were now our friends.

In an emotional appeal victims simply asked their government to help them, at a time when victims feel they have once more been left out in the cold we were once more snubbed. Despite reminding the Government that it was their actions in supporting American attacks on Libya that led to Gadiffi’s support for the PIRA, they remained unmoved. Despite our case that this government has an obligation to put the rights and lives of its citizens first they clearly have prioritised good relations with Libya. It was perhaps the most shocking example of that most historic trait of Britain that she always forgets those most loyal to her as she panders to those who were once her enemies, this was Perfidious Albion at its most explicit.

The Minister remained unmoved as a mother told of her son readying to join the Royal Navy to fight for his country while that country cared little for the fact a Libyan supplied bomb had deprived him of both grandparents. In an act of callous indifference Mr Goggins attempted to pass the blame to the Foreign and Commonwealth office. However he was foolishly honest when he confessed that the government’s opinion was that supporting our case would prejudice relations with Libya – something they were not minded to do. He explained they were now an ally indeed he said ‘friend’, however it was clear to all that oil is the basis for this most immoral of relationships.

It is clear that oil means more than blood to the present government and we as victims find that immoral and unacceptable. As our sons prepare to serve in the War on Terror in Iraq it is a damning incitement on the government that their loved ones have been forgotten at home. The government has rejected the victims of terrorism as they rush to embrace the PIRA and Libya. However we sent out a clear message to the government we are not going away and when we take our case to Europe next week and then to the States next year and they ask us what is your own Government going we will have to say NOTHING!


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