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Garda Collusion Dundalk

It has come to the attention of FAIR that the Garda were aware that Breen and Buchanan would be travelling to Dundalk Garda station from the Friday previous to the high profile murder of the two officers. Up until the present Dundalk Garda have stood by their statement that they had no prior notice of the visit of the two men, a statement we are now convinced is a lie to cover up the active role that was played colluding with the IRA killers responsible for the Jonesborough killings.

We have also discovered that a senior member of the Garda in Dundalk had been moved in the 1980s to the Dublin area because the RUC were convinced the man in question was closely involved with the IRA in the south Armagh area. This man was then inexplicably moved back to Dundalk a number of years later.

We wish to call on the Garda to confirm or deny this information. We have the name of the Superintendent involved in this transfer arrangement which we will be forwarding to the Breen and Buchanan inquiry in the near future, along with further evidence relating to the case.

If a phone call from Sir John Hermon to his counterpart in Dublin was sufficient to have a corrupt officer transferred so swiftly, the question must be asked, why was he allowed to return so easily, seemingly without any controversy. They were obviously aware that this action had the potential to put lives at risk. It is clearly unacceptable and we believe shows that elements within the Garda were complicit in the 1989 murder.


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