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FAIR Director hits out at Chief Constable and offers to attend Quinn meeting

The head of a south Armagh victims’ group is hitting out after Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde said he did not believe the IRA leadership sanctioned the recent murder of Paul Quinn in County Monaghan.

William Frazer of FAIR is also offering to attend a public meeting organised by Mr. Quinn’s family in Crossmaglen later this week to support their calls for justice.

Mr. Frazer has spoken out after DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson said the Chief Constable told him the Quinn murder was not backed by the leadership of the IRA.

Mr. Frazer said: “Which leadership is the Chief Constable talking about? Is it the overall leadership, or the South Armagh leadership? There is no doubt this brutal and callous killing WAS indeed sanctioned at the highest level in South Armagh, and by men feared by the leadership elsewhere.”

The FAIR Director is now offering his support to the Quinn family in their campaign for justice. He said: “While we have very different political views, I believe in justice and believe justice must be done in the case of Paul Quinn.

“Some of those people involved in his murder were also involved in the murders of our loved ones. We want to see action finally taken against them.”

Mr. Frazer continued: “I would appeal to the Quinn family to send out a clear message at their meeting in Crossmaglen that the IRA is not wanted in this area, or anywhere else.

“It is a public meeting and I intend to be there to lend my support. I hope the Quinn family would welcome my attendance.”


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