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PSNI Meet Killers

Victims expressed their shock and disgust as Chief Constable Hugh Order met with members of Sinn Fein/IRA. It was a blatant attempt to entreat terrorists to join policing. Orde is once more out of order as he meddles in politics, throwing every policing principle to the wind. He has done more to destroy the independence of the police in his time in office than anyone else.

To describe the meeting as valuable begs the question valuable to who? It is sickening to see him admit to being cross-examined and interrogated by these representatives of terror. How things have changed in our country, unlike every other ones where the police still interrogate the terrorists not the other way around. The individuals that met the chief constable hold the key to solving hundreds of murders now being re-investigated by the HET, they also are best placed to bring an end to the dissident republican threat and ensure that it does not develop and finally they and their comrades in South Armagh are at the heart of the ongoing organised crime that is blighting Northern Ireland.

We ask the chief constable did he raised these or any of the other issues that ought to concern a professional police officer or should we all accept that he is no longer that but rather a pathetic pretend politician. He like every other officer under him has an obligation to prevent and investigate crime, he has failed to do this and as such is unfit to occupy that post any longer. Perhaps he ought to swap his PSNI uniform for a cheerleaders outfit as he leads the cheers for Sinn Fein.

While he does this he ignores the victims of Sinn Fein/IRA who still await justice. We are insulted by his attempts to placate terrorists while he snubs victims, and we call for an urgent meeting to outline these and other feelings and issues.


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