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Scappaticci The Silence is Deafening!

It would seem that everyone wishes to forget the whole controversy surrounding the Scappaticci saga. Time and time we have asked for answers and we are continually fobbed off. We handed a tape in to the police over two years ago, who in turn gave it to the Stevens Enquiry Team. They have said that they cannot deal with it as they no longer exist technically.

To us, it looks like they were only interested in dealing with Loyalist collusion. Everyone continually ignores the fact that Dennis Donaldson and Scappattichi actually existed. We continually hear organisations demanding justice, but here we have a situation whereby one of the top men within the IRAs internal security unit was murdering members of the security forces and other individuals and being allowed to get away with it, yet there is no enquiry!

A lot of this mans work was carried out in South Armagh or just over the border. We have even passed photographs of the houses where he worked. Here people were tortured and murdered. Once again we have had no answers regarding this from anyone.

It is obvious that Republicans are the only ones deemed eligible for enquiries. If you are someone from a Unionist or security force background or even just an innocent Catholic, then it would seem like you were expendable and are not entitled to an enquiry. We have approached everyone relating to this case, including the police, the police ombudsman, the government and the Gardai, but it seems we are going to have to take our case to Europe to get the answers needed.

Some people say it is time to move on and forget the past, but whenever we see families like the Loughgall families, Pat Finucane family, Rosemary Nelson family and Bloody Sunday families all getting enquiries, it seems like discrimination when innocent victims cannot get one, especially in such a high profile cases like Scappittichi.


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