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The Consequence of No Policing in South Armagh

After the attack on Keady police station, we would like to ask the Chief Constable where is his security policy and intelligence? Given the fact that the station was shot at and with no disrespect to the serving members (as they had only two officers on duty which is one more than usual), the advice they received was to get inside the station and lock the doors. This was obviously good advice given the situation and given the amount of police manpower, but what about the community outside who do not have six inch thick blast and bullet proof doors.

Your policing policy is not working and this fact has been proved time after time. We demand that proper action is taken in terms of policing, in order to bring us into line with policing in the rest of the UK.

We fully intend contacting the European Courts under the Right to Protection of Life and Property, as the situation in South Armagh is deteriorating, while policing and security is cut down continually. How long will it be before there is another massacre of civilians in South Armagh and we see you the Chief Constable apologising for reading the situation wrong? This has happened before, but an apology this time will not wash with the law-abiding people of South Armagh. You have been asked repeatedly for more policing and shown time after time the consequences of the obvious lack of policing. Will it take members of the community to be killed once again before we see action in terms of policing and security?


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