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Real victims had their worst fears confirmed as the Republican protest in Belfast contained armed men and attempted to steal victim hood from those who truly suffered. In a sickening display of terrorism Sinn Fein/IRA took to the streets in a callous attempt to continue their struggle. Just as they have used death and the destruction of lives to further their agenda for the past decades so too did they try to use it on Sunday. For an organisation which has killed and maimed in the name of their cause it is now disgustingly ironic to see them don the mantle of victim hood.

As has been exposed by unionist and nationalist alike and accepted by all right thinking people Sinn Fein/IRA have been responsible for almost half the murders during the troubles. They continue to shield killers and terrorists indeed their entire organisation is built on the principles and personalities of terror and death. After having denied and destroyed the Human Rights of others for over three decades they now take to the streets to cry about theirs WHAT SICKENING HYPOCRACY!

Truth like charity ought to begin at home and it is Adams and his Army Council which must first tell the truth. Yesterday members of FAIR including William Frazer monitored the parade at various points from start to finish. At one point police hemmed in Protestant residents in the Suffolk area as the parade passed. Residents who were appalled at the event passing the place where the PIRA had murdered innocent people were not allowed to protest or voice their opposition. The terrorist parade passed Protestant churches and other sensitive locations without being curtailed in any fashion.

Real victims and monitors were shocked at the sight of young children made to carry the names of convicted terrorists and the hunger-strikers. At a time when we should be breaking the cycle of violence and speaking out against the current trend of suicide amongst young people such glorification of both is dangerous. It was also noted that none of the names in prominent display were in any sense of the word victims. They were by their own definition volunteers soldiers in an illegal army, their deaths were both welcome and legitimate as they ultimately saved innocent lives in the longer run. To now try and claim political points around the manner of their deaths ranks as the basest act of exploitation.

The inclusion of armed men in the parade showed how thin a veneer of victim hood Republicans could muster. Aside from the calculated offence of terrorists donning the uniforms of those they had killed and maimed there is the real issue of illegality. Carrying weapons dressing in paramilitary attire and then pointing weapons at myself and others in a clearly threatening manner are all offences. I will be pursuing this with both the police and the parades commission as it is clear that they did not treat this parade in the same manner as others. Indeed when I proposed to protest and display a placard asking WHAT ABOUT THE INNOCENT VICTIMS Ii was threatened with arrest by the police. This appalling display of double standards will not go unchallenged – we the innocent victims will not be treated as second class citizens.

The parade itself was offensive and insensitive, it did serve one useful purpose and that was to expose both the hypocrisy and stupidity of the current Sinn Fein/IRA leadership’s position. While innocent victims are not even allowed to stand on the streets they defended the terrorists continue to parade our country holding weapons


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