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William Frazer Response to Victims Letter

It is unfortunate that the DUP seem too busy cosying up to Sinn Fein/IRA to respond to victims or even my letter, rather they use a local party apologist to reply. I was speaking on behalf of victims across northern Ireland who have been sickened and disappointed by the recent betrayal of the DUP. I would ask the lady who writes how could any man who remembers just what Sinn Fein/IRA did be prepared to allow them into government while they retain their illegal Army Council. Mr Paisley sat across the table from me and a number of other victims and told us he would not. He made this and a number of other promises which he has broken and that is unacceptable. I like the lady once put some dependence in the DUP as they stood with victims and I will acknowledge that they did work as was their job to assist us. However it is now clear that as a party they used the victims issue to attack the UUP, not to destroy the Belfast Agreement.

Now that they have done what they attacked others for trying to do they must erase the memory of what Republicans have done. It is no longer Sinn Fein/IRA it is Sinn Fein our partners in government, it is no longer Smash Republicanism but support it is no longer a battle a day but a smile a day! Having spoken to many victims in Magherafelt I must tell the lady that she is badly out of step with opinion. They can see no work from the DUP, indeed in an area which has suffered at the hands of the PIRA they have heard much rhetoric from Willy McCrea but little effort. His hypocrisy has shocked us more than most.

In regard to the DUPís involvement in the Victims Commissioner I can only say that their dealings with the NIO and whatever deal they cobbled together soon fell very embarrassingly apart. This cast a dark shadow over the very welcome and valuable work of Mrs McDougall. I will not take the time to rehearse the promises they made to us and the list of failures suffice to mention that they have allowed Martin McGuiness and Gerry Kelly to become de facto VICTIMS MINISTERS that is an insult to us all.

In regard to my public profile let me say I am a Victim first and my involvement in electoral politics has always been to promote the agenda and interests of victims. Unlike the DUP I my word is my bond I did not tell the electorate one thing whilst planning to the opposite after the election. This means that I have the support of victims for my political activities. It is interesting that the organisation I helped to found did not challenge, censure and demand my resignation as was the experience of Rev Paisley. It shows that honesty is always the best policy. I am glad that Mrs Campbell has taken such an avid interest in my activity and I will endeavour to keep her informed of my future plans. But I would humbly submit that she would be better to address the double jobbing amongst the elected representatives of the party she defends before she concerns herself about my time commitments. At least her party leader has now one less job to take up his time and he can concentrate on his first love politics and the pursuit of power!

William Frazer 07787743024


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