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Police protect Dessie O'Hare

FAIR calls into question the motives behind the questioning of it's director (William Frazer), after his attempts to make the PSNI aware of Dessie O'Hare's whereabouts. It must be remembered just who Dessie O'Hare is and that he is still "wanted" by the PSNI for questioning about unsolved murders in South Armagh by the IRA. William Frazer travelled to O'Hare's private residence where he was hiding out and simply knocked on the door to ask the residents some questions. Nobody answered the door but within minutes the PSNI flooded the scene to investigate a possible case of harassment against the O'Hare family.

No attempt was made by PSNI to search the property to find Dessie O'Hare, but William Frazer was warned on the scene that "any further incidents would result in police action as harassment had been reported to them". It was unclear at that point just who had reported being harassed, but that has now become clear!

In a letter from the Police Ombudsman, they fully support the conduct of the PSNI and state that William Frazers' car was "lawfully stopped". "There is no evidence of police misconduct". Also stated in the letter is the fact that "police received a call from Mrs O'Hare that persons were trying to kick her front door and a vehicle was blocking her drive". Therefore Mrs O'Hare's word was believed and immediate police action taken against William Frazer. We at FAIR find this astounding, especially as an independent witness can confirm that William Frazer merely knocked on the door of the O'Hare home, even using the door knocker provided. It is a shame that Dessie O'hare was not as used to this method of gaining access to homes. Instead he would rather kick the door in and terrorise the residents. Maybe Mrs O'Hare was not used to this decent approach.

FAIR would like to highlight this incident and call for an enquiry into the PSNI protection of Dessie O'Hare. The PSNI state they want to question him, but privately it appears they do not want to at all, in the event that the peace process might be harmed. What are the families of victims of this Republican monster to think? These victims deserve justice and the PSNI will not pursue it. It would seem that higher authorities are controlling the PSNI so that Republicans are protected. Has a unwritten amnesty already been given?

It is also peculiar just how fast the PSNI responded in coming to protect Dessie O'Hare. When many other people cannot get police responses to burgalries for long periods of time, it is a travesty how O'Hare is now protected within minutes by the very same force he spent his life trying to kill. Worse still, it is even more of a travesty that the PSNI would rather believe the wife of a Republican terrorist still wanted for questioning, while disbelieving a victims campaigner who has fought tirelessly for justice for victims of IRA violence in South Armagh.


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