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Security Goes While Thugs Stay!

Yet again the Loyal and law abiding citizens of South Armagh and other borderland areas have been let down, ignored, indeed betrayed by Government with regard to the recent decisions to remove virtually all security force personnel and army bases from their localities. No doubt these decisions were made in order to placate further the men of violence from within the Republican Terrorist movement.

Victims groups working in these areas are now being told that they are not even being permitted to retain the many RUC/UDR Memorial Plaques that were previously sited in local Police Stations and Army Barracks. Apparently these are to be hidden away, out of the Public Gaze, at some other politically approved site.

Our Britishness is being denied us, as are all our publicly identifiable symbolism, but in memory of our loved and fallen, we will not be deterred in our fight to oppose the evils of Irish Republicanism, nor will we become despondent by the ongoing acts of traitorous Government Ministers.

Surely now is the time for our Church Leaders and Politicians to stand as one and voice their condemnation of these actions on our behalf, to those responsible r for such decisions, in Government. All citizens of the United Kingdom have a right to live free from fear and intimidation, and it is incumbent upon Her Majesty's Government to ensure their safety, no matter from what ever area of The Kingdom they reside.

It is a great sadness that it would seem that we have no-one from within the security force leadership with the guts and the courage to stand up and voice their objections to the political interference now being forced upon them with regard to military strategy and tactics. No doubt the fear of being disciplined or possible sacking is too much of a price to pay. In past years our relatives paid for their loyalties with an even greater price, the supreme sacrifice.

F.A.I.R. calls upon our Church leaders and local Politicians to Stand up and Fight and have the voices of Innocent victims heard.


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