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Cancer in our Community

On this the 20th anniversary of the Brighton bomb our thoughts are with the victims who still suffer as a result. As a group we are proud to be connected with Lord Tebbit and his brave wife. They are a glowing testimony to the British spirit of resilience and defiance in the face of terrorism. Who can forget the images of Norman Tebbit as he was taken from the ruins of the Grand Hotel. We pay tribute to the stand he has taken since and support his present analysis of the appeasement of terrorism. One can only conclude that the cowardly Labour Government sought to deal with Sinn Fein /IRA for they were scared they would be targeted. This process had begun with elements in the British establishment before Blair and was only taken to its shameful conclusion by him.

Victims remember the men of substance like Airey Neave and Ian Gowe , who died because they were unshakable in their opposition of terrorism. They like our loved ones paid the ultimate price for their principles and we now look down on those who have capitulated to the men of violence. Lord Tebbit like so many of their victims has a clearer more informed picture of Sinn Fein/IRA and their ability and willingness to kill again. They are as he says “ … psychopathic killers who would kill again if they had the chance.”

It is indeed a pathetic sight to see Jo Berry, a woman clearly traumatised by her loss now becoming a virtual apologist for her father’s killer. Her meetings with the murderer Magee have done little to change him. Even when faced with the sight of the daughter of the man he killed Magee showed no remorse. He feels justified in what he has done and no doubt would do it all over again. Forgiveness id a lot like love it has to be shared, to forgive someone who believes they have done no wrong or were justified is a disempowering experience. It is a lot like unrequited love, empty and useless and eventually counterproductive.

While we all seek to move on and heal the wounds of the past the cancer or terrorism must be surgically removed from the body of our nation then the affected areas must be treated to ensure it does not return. Sticking a plaster over a tumour will perhaps hide it but it will not cure it. Healing can only happen when the injury stops however Sinn Fein/IRA are still killing and injuring people they still grow like a cancer with secondary tumours of crime and intimidation slowly killing communities. In order to move on emergency surgery is needed and action has to be taken now by the government.


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