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Armagh City Hotel Hosting Terrorist Event

Victims who planned to take part in a Community Convention in Armagh City Hotel will be thinking twice after it was revealed that the Hotel hosted a Hunger Strike Commemoration event. This sickening glorification of killers must be condemned by all right-thinking people and we are outraged that a hotel that is supposed to serve both communities should be involved. At present we have a delegation in New York showing solidarity with the victims of 9/11.

Delegates at an International Victims conference were shocked the learn of the support for the Hunger Strikers. Events like the Rally in Casement Park and now events hosted in hotels were likened at the Conference to Al Qaeda taking the local Baseball Stadium or a central hotel to glorify and commemorate the terrorists who were killed in 9/11. The American people would not tolerate the Islamic community glorifying Al Queda terrorists and we in Northern Ireland must not allow the nationalist and republican people to exalt their terrorists.

Rather than supporting them and commemorating them they should reject and disassociate themselves, and reassure their fellow countrymen that the actions of the PIRA were not done in their name. A local hotel should have refused to allow such an offensive event. It is noted that the same hotel cited the possible offence to members of the other community when they banned the wearing of poppies by staff and patrons. Where has their sensitivities gone to now or perhaps they only acknowledge the possible hurt felt by one community?

Indeed upon examination the same hotel has done more to accommodate the feelings and events of the Nationalist and Republican Community. From GAA celebrations to PIRA commemorations it is clear that the Armagh City Hotel is indeed a cold house for Protestants. There are clear equality issues in this regards and until we hear an apology from the owners and management and see a change in policy we as victims must call upon all patrons to think carefully whether they chose to continue giving support to the Hotel.


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