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Victims Still Under Threat

The threat of ongoing Republican terrorism was confirmed as Irish authorities moved against so-called dissidents in a number of planned raids last week and at the weekend. A major haul of weapons was recovered at an arms dump close to Dublin. The terrorists have been linked by security and media sources in Dublin with those who organised the vicious attacks upon the Victim led Love Ulster Parade last year. This worrying development makes plans for victims return to Dublin all the more worrying.

The two raids one in south Dublin and at an arms dump in the Wicklow mountains saw the arrest of a number of individuals liked to the Continuity IRA. This organisation has targeted members of FAIR and William Frazer in particular before. The fact that he and a number of members of the group had planned to travel and stay in the same area that weekend for a conference has raised concerns. Thankfully the groupís plans were changed at the last minute however it have now have to be assessed just how safe venues like Glencree Centre for Reconciliation are.

This is not the first time that our group have been warned about their safety in the Republic of Ireland and have been forced to take precautions and cancel plans. We now request an urgent meeting with the Gardai and Irish Government on this matter as a number of those arrested were present during the violence in Dublin at the Love Ulster Parade. They were suspected of orchestrating and directing the violence using mobile phones and radios. Despite coming to the attention of the Gardai on that day and being under surveillance no charges were pressed against them.

This raises a number of concerns and questions. In our meetings with the Gardai after the event we were told they did not suspect direct CIRA orchestration. We disagreed and provided evidence to the contrary. Now our worst fears have been confirmed. Given the fact that the Irish authorities have these and other persons associated with the CIRA under surveillance and have knowledge of their activities from intelligence sources. This was proven last week as the police were able to exactly pin point the arms dump in the vast expanse of the Wicklow Mountains.

Therefore it is safe to assume they knew the CIRAís plans to attack our parade, further the amount of CCTV footage and police on the ground should have enabled them to build a case against the CIRA leaders present that day. Their failure to curb the violence that day may be down to a number of reasons, lack of resources, or the will to use force to stop any potential trouble. However now they must act to convict those responsible and ensure the safety of victims in the Republic


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