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Sinn Fein criminals must be prosecuted

The latest cry from Sinn Fein/IRA following their Northern Bank heist in December, demands the government produce the incriminating evidence against them. This 'put up or shut up' argument is designed to shift attention back onto the government and deflect the media spotlight from them. Sinn Fein/IRA are well aware that publicising evidence in a criminal case is an impossible request. It is not the policy of the security forces to release sensitive information of this nature to the media, or to the suspects concerned as McGuinness and Adams demand. Such an action would leave informers and sources of information open for attack and assassination by IRA terrorists - something Martin McGuinness would know a lot about.

As victims that have suffered at the hands of these people we would ask where was their evidence when they murdered the innocent people at Kingsmills, Darkley and Tullyvallen to name just a few? Evidence was not an issue when it came to committing murder in the name of their vicious cause.

Recently we have given the government and the International Monitoring Committee (IMC) evidence on smuggling, racketeering and fraud, evidence which includes photographs that make the Northern bank job look like a sweetie shop robbery. However, the government is refusing to do anything unless it might upset the republican movement. Once a terrorist always a terrorist - whether they are wearing the hood or the Armani suit.

We call on the government to come good on their promises - and for both the British and Irish governments and the SDLP to move on along with other democratic parties and leave these thugs behind. We would also like to commend Mark Durkan for his comments on Question Time about victims. It is time to let democracy back into Northern Ireland and to punish the lawbreaker not the lawmaker.


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