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Breen and Buchanan Ignored

We have received information that the Irish government is not taking seriously the issue of the Breen and Buchanan murder and the corresponding investigation into the event they are supposed to be undertaking. Far from being in their interests to conduct such an inquiry, we believe they have taken every step they can to delay and sideline it, which as victims we consider to be unacceptable and politically motivated.

When it is considered that the murder happened on the northern side of the border and by terrorists based in south Armagh rather than the southern jurisdiction, then it would be reasonable to assume that any inquiry or investigation must involve cooperation from UK authorities, and yet there has been no apparent activity of this nature, nor prospect of any.

Regularly the media reports calls for investigations into various incidents usually from a republican agenda, and yet despite all the information we have provided regarding this case and others such as that of Kingsmills and Tullyvallen it seems there is nobody that is interested in looking into them. There have been numerous documentaries on the death of Pat Finucane and yet it seems that the hundreds of unsolved murders in south Armagh do not count.

We call upon the Irish government to act in accordance with Cory recommendations and bring closure to this case by prioritising an inquiry. We also demand that the British government take seriously the wishes of victims and use the inquiry process not as a means of appeasing terrorists but as a means benefit to victims who have suffered.

We would like to assure the British and Irish government that we will continue to push on this until there is justice. This issue goes further than just Breen and Buchanan but ties into dozens of other murders committed by the IRA in south Armagh.


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