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Victims Post To Be Re-advertised

It comes as no surprise to FAIR that the Victims Commissioner post has to be re-advertised.

This is an issue that we have pointed out for over a year even before devolved government was established. The problem seems to be about the definition of “Who and What a Victim is”. It will be a very long time, if ever, any right thinking person can put a terrorist down in the same category as an Innocent Victim. With that said we have always stated that instead of trying to get people like ourselves to legitimize terrorists, it would be better for them to concentrate on the needs of the victims.

The only chance they have of receiving any type of support across the board is to appoint a Victims Commissioner who is seen as neutral. Also needed is an advisory panel of about 4-5 people all from different backgrounds within Northern Ireland. This panel would be seen to be an advisory panel whereby at the very least all sections of the community would have an input, irrespective of what their individual views may be. This would allow the commissioner to get on with the issue of the needs of victims instead of having to deal with trying to legitimize a terrorist being shot while carrying out a murdering act!

This is not just the view of FAIR but a large number of Victims across Northern Ireland, it is time they started to listen to the Victims and not to the people who think that they know what victims had to go through.

People talk about moving on, it’s the victims that have a long journey ahead to even think of moving forward. At least give us the respect and the opportunity to show that we can do this given the right circumstances.


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