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Ask my brother am I a Liar?………………

If it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable, the fact that we have the Godfathers of terrorism calling for Truth commission. These are the same people who have butchered and maimed our community for the past 35 years. Gerry Adams wants what he calls collusion and shoot to kill cases looked at, how could this man have the cheek to call for such enquiries? Do they think that we have amnesia in Northern Ireland; while we do know that some politicians appear to have our community certainly don’t.

It disgusting to hear the Republican leadership call for truth, and speak for so called victims. They as an organisation created victims and have hidden the truth of their evil deeds for over three decades. If he is serious about the Truth Commission why doesn’t he tell us about the La Mon Massacre and the Darkly Massacre? Especially now that the Kingsmills massacre investigation has been opened up by the HET, and Sinn Fein/IRA tell us they support policing let us see them cooperate there. We have a truth recovery process in Northern Ireland and its known as the police and criminal justice system Republican tell us they support it then let us see them use it and work with it.

Why doesn’t Gerry Adams along with his other comrades come forward and tell us the truth, tell us why a campaign of genocide was carried out against the protestant community especially in areas like South Armagh as was confirmed by Sean O’Callaghan then head of the IRA in the South of Ireland. He stated that this was the agenda of the republican movement in that area. Perhaps if truth, like charity began at home for Republicans we would maybe start to take Adams seriously. Until then we can only conclude his partisan approach to truth is rather a process of rewriting history to erase Republican guilt.

Gerry Adams and the IRA must remember that their hands are covered in the blood of the people both protestant and Catholic. Instead of Adams using the call for truth commission as an excuse to further their political struggle as they call it, do they not think that its time that they started to show the truth to what they did in the name of a United Ireland. WE challenge Adams and McGuinness to meet us to discuss what took place in areas in South Armagh. As the victims that suffered at the hands of these terrorists, we are the people they need to convince that they are genuine.

Why don’t they “PUT UP OR SHUT UP”, Innocent Victims are sick listening to terrorists whinging. Every week we hear them whinging about something, but yet they call themselves Heroes and Freedom Fighters. If they don’t like the heat then don’t sit next to the fire!


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