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IRA Humiliation Hypocrisy

We welcome the decision of the DUP to stand their ground in the issue of verification of decommissioning. As victims of the barbarity of Sinn Fein/IRA we found the issue of a photograph as evidence as insufficient, but were willing and prepared to accept it as an indication that arms have been destroyed.

What is apparent however is that the mindset of IRA terror is still the same. Despite all the talk of peace and their republican rhetoric, they have failed to decommission what is essential - and that is the belief that they have the right to murder and maim in the name of their cause.

Gerry Adams has spoken about the desire of the DUP to humiliate the IRA by requiring a photograph. This shows clearly that their attitude has not changed, and belies the insincerity of their position. If they now reject violence what possible objection could be raised? The only conclusions that can be drawn is that they are proud of the terrorist crimes they committed and that they have no real desire to convert to solely democratic means to achieve their end, but want to retain their reliance on violence and intimidation, and thus shows that their mindset is the same as it ever was.

We would like to thank Dr Ian Paisley and the DUP negotiating team for standing their ground. If Gerry Adams wants to know about real humiliation then he should have visited the wake houses of those that were killed in cold blood by his organisation. Then he would realise how vile and hypocritical his humiliation argument is.


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