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Disgust at Adams Hypocrisy

It is with disgust that South Armagh based victimís organisation FAIR responds to Gerry Adams hollow statement of sympathy and solidarity to Tony Blair, Ken Livingstone and the people of London. One has to ponder how a man who represents one of the most efficient terror organisations in the world, with thousands of deaths on their hands, can be so hypocritical. Has he no shame?

We note that he never expressed sympathy for the victims of the Warrington Bomb in 1993, the Canary Wharf bombing of 1996 or indeed the continuous IRA campaign of terror in Northern Ireland which has claimed so many lives. So obviously, in Mr Adams and Sinn Feinís eyes, terrorism is only wrong when it does not serve an Irish Republican purpose.

In fact Mr Adams sees fit to campaign for the release of Sean Kelly, a convicted bomber with blood on his hands, so how can he then condemn a no less brutal attack.

The people of Northern Ireland, the Security Services and the Government itself are already aware of the links between the IRA and other terrorist organisations such as ETA, FARC, PLO and extremist Islamic groups such as Al-Qaeda. The Government may choose to turn a blind eye to this to suit its Political Agenda but we at FAIR hope that people nationally and internationally will not be taken in by this callous attempt to sell this false image of ĎAdams the Compassionate Peacemakerí.

FAIR calls on the British Government to bring about all the resources it can muster to expunge all terrorists from our nation, whether Militant Islamic or Irish Republican. A terrorist is a terrorist with no exceptions and no excuses. There have been too many victims already.


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