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Response to NI Affairs committee interim report

As victims of the prolonged campaign of republican terrorism and criminality in south Armagh we welcome the recent interim report publishes by the Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee. Some time ago we were able to make a contribution at the hearing of the committee held in Belfast and we are pleased to be able to say that many of our comments and recommendations have filtered into the report.

The committee have commented that there is not sufficient money in the victim sector as a whole, point we have reinforced from day one. Following from this they have also recognised that there is insufficient funding allocated to victim's groups and have recommended that the government consider whether the current state of funding reflects the level of importance attributed to victims work in general. It was the expressed opinion of the committee that a significant increase in funding is required. The committee also has observed that compensation for victims specifically in the earlier stages of the trouble was substantially insufficient, and endorsed the victim's commissioner and idea emanating originally from FAIR.

Although FAIR has been at the forefront declaring these deficiencies and needs for the past 6 years, we are pleased and encouraged that our voice at long last has been heard by this committee. Perhaps now the government will also take note and implement appropriate action. It is a shame that they had to go through this process in the first place wasting large amounts of time and money rather than listen to us in the first place.


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