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Response to anti-FAIR bias

Once again the innocent victims of terrorism have been kicked in the teeth by those distributing EU peace and reconciliation funds. This time it has been an application to fund premises that has been refused. It is being claimed by the funding body - in this case none other than the First minister's office - that it is because we do not fit into their criteria regarding reconciliation. Sadly this has been typical of the bias we have received from the funders and we find it to be unacceptable.

There is no way we can support a government that are trampling over the graves of our loved ones. Just because we are not prepared to bow the knee to republicanism and invite murderers into our homes and our organisation we are discriminated against at every turn. We are constantly pressured by those in authority or those holding purse strings to make some action or make a statement that will legitimise the murder of our loved ones - a thing we will never do. Once again we are being punished for it.

While our politicians are negotiating with government over the future of Northern Ireland - the same government are still trying to destroy those that paid the price against terrorism. It is for this reason that we are stopping any dialogue we were in with members of the nationalist/republican community. Why should we be pushed down a path planned out to our detriment by the government and policy makers when they will not even fully support our operations when we do? That is not to say that we ever compromised our principles, or were backward in confronting republicans or republican groups about their crimes when the opportunity arose, because we never have been afraid to do that.

It is a sad thing that we have been pushed into this position but this will be our course of action for the foreseeable future.


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