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Short on Facts

The comments by Clare Short are an insult to the memory of all the innocent people that the IRA did kill. It is outrageous that a former Cabinet member and serving MP could make such comments. We demand she apologise to the families of all those killed by the IRA, and to set the record straight about the atrocities and Human Rights abuses perpetrated by terrorists from the Republican community. These are our loved ones which she has deemed legitimate targets. Her words have sullied their memories and we now ask is this the opinion of the Labour Party generally ?

This is not the first time Clare Short’s warped mind has produced such biased opinions. They are no doubt shaped by her family background, and up bringing where terrorism and sectarian murder were justified. Her continuing family connections in Crossmaglen and her frequent visits compound her ignorance and sectarian views. These comments represent the selective amnesia of the Republican movement, as they try to justify their vile acts of murder. Clearly she is so closely linked to those responsible that she feels the need to justify them. However her days as an English MP and apologist for Irish Republican terrorism must stop she must be forced to choose which she is. It is now clear why she stated that she did not need the protection of the army to visit Crossmaglen at a time when the fields and roads were dripping with the blood of the innocent victims.

Could Clare Short explain to the families we represent, those who lost their loved ones in Kingmills or Tullyvallen, or the countless others who were murdered as they worked or worshipped what were they guilty of? In her terms they were not innocent, so what was their crime, was it because they were protestant? Well for some Republicans that was excuse enough. However it does not account for the hundreds of Roman Catholics murdered by the PIRA indeed more than the security forces ever killed! What were their crimes? All to often it was simply because they refused to bow to the terror of the IRA.

We now call upon her to be disciplined by the Labour Party in the same way as Mr Galloway former Labour MP for Glasgow Kelvin. His comments about the war in Iraq were less offensive and dangerous than the recent statement form Clare Short. Here words justify the actual murder of unarmed British citizens within the United Kingdom. As a group we intend to raise this with the Labour party and ensure that she is forced to face the consequences of her words.


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