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FAIR Responds to London Attacks

In the wake of this morning’s events, South Armagh victim’s organisation FAIR would like to extend their heartfelt sympathy to those affected of the London bombings. As people who have also suffered at the hands of terrorist extremists, FAIRs membership empathises with those suffering today and understands the resulting trauma which can haunt victims for a lifetime.

FAIR spokesperson William Frazer gave firm warning to the British Government. "We have warned the government on several occasions regarding the links between Republicans and Islamic terror organisations. We have warned the Government about the networking between international terrorists."

"We have alerted the Government on several occasions to the sort of activities that make events like this happen" he continued, "It is only by clamping down on terrorists at home and abroad will we end the horrors such as those witnessed in London this morning."

The British Government have sent out the wrong message to international terrorists due to its lax attitude at home. Britain can only be seen as a soft target for terror attacks, when murder and mayhem by the IRA has won concession after concession.

As a group FAIR calls on the British and Irish Governments to cease their appeasement of terrorists in Northern Ireland to avoid more encouragement to worldwide terrorist fraternity. If the British Government were to adopt a similar position toward the perpetrators of the London bombings as in Northern Ireland, they would engage with the terrorists in secret, then under the cover of moderate Islamic groups and politicians like George Galloway, they would sponsor a process of legitimisation.

Finally they would commence an open political process aimed at appeasing Al Qaedas’ demands in return for a cessation of terrorist attacks. The culmination of this process would be, if Abu Hamza al-Mazri or Bin Laden himself, where to be appointed Minister for Education. The public outcry on the mainland would never allow such a policy and at least the victims of this attack will not have to endure the insult as well the injury.

In conclusion FAIR has openly offered to provide assistance to any victims of the London Bombings. Interested parties can contact the FAIR office via telephone 028 37 552619 or email info@victims.org.uk


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