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Cut the Excuses and End the Concessions

Three Ulster Unionist MLAs have today called for all concessions to the IRA to end forthwith, with the securing of the border areas to be top of the agenda. Although FAIR respects Danny Kennedy MLA and the good work that he has done, we must lay the blame fully at the door of the Unionist party. The Unionist politicians have once again tried to shut the stable door now that the proverbial horse has bolted. The awful irony lies in the fact that they had opened it in the first place and stood back to see what would happen.

In 1998 David Trimble had made his bargaining position quite clear at a meeting in Portadown. He stressed that he did not care what border Protestants thought with the inference that the Agreement was greater than any body of people. We are now reaping the whirlwind of those prophetic words. Not only has the Ulster Unionist party led the sacrificial lamb to the slaughter, they might as well have slit it's throat. The pawn in the 'great' statesman's chess game now lies defenceless amidst a deepening crisis in the failed peace process. And it is the border Protestants who will suffer the knife-edge of the terrorist onslaught once the fully-armed and operational IRA decides the time is right to start killing again.

It is difficult to fathom why in the face of sound advice the Ulster Unionist party pressed on with a pathological fervency towards an Agreement with the terrorists. They were well aware of the deep concerns within the border communities about the repercussions that were sure to come. Now that the whole fiasco is in terminal crisis, the blame will be laid squarely at their door if the murdering starts again. Innocent blood will be on their hands as they have taken away the last ring of defences whilst the enemy lie in wait at the gate.

The people of South Armagh remember the feeble apologies from our politicians in 1975 when the few soldiers who were on patrol were not allowed to carry loaded magazines. With such mockery in mind, it is high time that the powers that be stop taking the border Protestants for fools, and ensure that they have the protection that is their right as British citizens. In 1975 we blamed the English MPS as they held sway over policy in Northern Ireland; in 2005, we will blame our own Unionist representatives who have persisted in stripping in front of a laughing crowd of Republicans. Now that they have made fools of themselves, the people who will suffer directly as a result must be listened to, with all concessions to end, and proper law and order established once again.


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