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FAIR Investigators Visit Breenan/Buchanan Murder Scene

Today members of FAIR, its Research and Policy Unit and independent investigators visited the scene of the murder of officers Breen and Buchanan. The team retraced the steps of the two RUC men and explored the final hours of their lives. It was a deeply moving and poignant event, which was necessary to provide those involved in building the case to submit to the Smithwick Tribunal physical experience and evidence of the events.

Since FAIR first raised the issue and subsequently pursued it through until the Corry Inquiry many have offered their services. Both past and serving members of the police and security forces many of whom worked alongside the dead men have volunteered. Such was the high regard and affection that these two men were and are held in that the support we have been given has been extraordinary.

It was therefore fitting that part of the day was spent in silent tribute to the men. A wreath was laid on the road where they were murdered and a simple act of remembrance completed. The resolve of those present was real as they rededicated themselves to ensure justice for the two men. Many of those involved did not wish to be photographed and such is the value of their contribution that they remain anonymous with the FAIR group acting as the public face for the investigation.

FAIR aims to pursue the perpetrators of this murder and investigate what other murders they were involved in, including mass murders. Hopefully the Smithick enquiry will be able to name these killers and expose the web of collusion that existed in South Armagh especially. These killers will be brought to justice.


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