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St. Andrews Agreement Update

Contrary to what people have been saying about my comments regarding the St. Andrews Agreement, my attack was not on Dr. Paisley or the DUP. As I have said from the beginning; although there are many elements of the proposals set out in St Andrews which are very difficult for us to swallow, we are prepared to give it a chance if Sinn Fein live up to their promises. Sinn Fein has already showed their inability to reign in Republicans from violence and criminality.

Although the smuggling may not be as rampant as in recent years, there are still significant smuggling operations being run by Republicans. The current promises that criminal Godfathers will have their assets taken is a lie. Little or no money will be ever taken back from these Godfathers. Also, the rule of law and order in South Armagh is firmly in the control of Republicans. These “law enforcement” gangs took control of many towns in South Armagh on Halloween night, when widespread violence was directed at property and police. Finally, death threats and intimidation are still ongoing even since the St. Andrews negotiations. This is not what any right-minded citizen wants for their future.

All this is currently taking place, in a time when IRA/SF are supposed to be on their best behaviour. Should they not be on their best behaviour in future, we have serious fears for the safety of the public and the police in that area. How can the current activities ongoing in South Armagh pave the way for lasting peace in any shape or form, especially when now is the time when SF are supposed to be considering supporting the very police force that fellow Republicans are so viciously attacking in South Armagh.

Therefore it is not the DUP itself that is being attacked here, but Sinn Fein for their failure to deliver, only days after an pathway to agreement has been settled. It is areas like South Armagh, where the commitment of IRA/SF to the St. Andrews agreement, can be best be judged and tested and already their promises are being broken.


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