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Latest IMC Report

The latest IMC report is more notable for what it omits than what it includes. The IMC have begun to sink into the mire of spin, political intrigue and wishful thinking that has mashed the PEACE PROCESS.

The fundamental weakness of the report is two-fold. It neglects to inform readers of key facts and present realities. Its vagueness is a damning indictment when compared to other reports like these on demilitarisation. Until we have the same clarity and completion in regards to PIRA moves we cannot have confidence in this IMC report.

The fact which they have ignored and failed to reach the truth about the murder of Dennis Donaldson is proof that they are either not able to investigate and reach the truth or they do not want to. In either case the Dennis Donaldson murder is pivotal to the work of the IMC and its credibility.

The fact that they chose to rush their latest report in order to fit with a political choreography instead of taking time and investigating this murder properly speaks volumes about their intention.

Also the language used is not the factual, concise and professional words of a commission which aims to provide irrefutable evidence. They are rather the words of a spin doctor and mandarin who excel in constructive ambiguity.

I also write formally to request that you raise the issues we presented with both the British and Irish governments. These issues involved the SECURITY, ANONMITY, and IMMUNITY, as we outlined these are necessary to facilitate witness and evidence central and crucial to your work.


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