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Yet Another British Government Quango

It would appear that the ‘Dealing with the Legacy of the Past’ project run by the Eames / Bradley team, are looking for people to contact them. The group has placed advertisements in the press in order to make this invitation widespread. However it is ironic that whilst the said group is trying to establish contact with people, existing victims groups have tried unsuccessfully to contact them. We are starting to wonder why?

Could it be, that the Eames / Bradley group do not want to contact victims, who will tell them how they really feel and how they want to ‘move on’? As FAIR and other victims groups have continually tried to contact the said group unsuccessfully, this is the only conclusion we can come to.

The above being the case, we feel that the ‘Dealing with the Legacy of the Past’ project is already showing signs of jumping on the victims wagon in an attempt to force an agenda using the plight of the victims as a banner. Due to their unwillingness to meet or talk to already established victims groups, it looks like this is just another example of a British government quango aimed at fooling Ulster people into the belief that everybody is happy and content with the current situation in Ulster.

It would be advantageous for this group to meet victims who already want to meet them, instead of ignoring them and seeking the type of people that will promote their agenda. We do not claim to have all the answers, but we do have some of them and we are victims! If dealing with the past, we would have imagined that victims would have been the first point of contact. So we would challenge the Eames / Bradley group to a public debate. We hope they have the decency to at least meet this request.


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