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Republicans 'Rattled' by Libya Campaign

County Armagh based victims group FAIR have noted that elements within the Republican movement have been increasingly 'rattled' by the recent 'Apology From Libya' campaign. An article in IRA/Sinn Fein's' propaganda newspaper 'Republican News' openly attacked the Libya petition, FAIR and local regional paper The Newsletter.

The article, which appeared in the issue Thurs 2nd June 2005, attempted to belittle the success of the petition campaign and discredit those who championed it. FAIR have described it as 'a childish backlash from a scared organization. For too long the IRA have networked with other world terrorists and thought it would not be noticed. Those times are long gone'.

FAIR Director William Frazer assures Republicans that this is only the beginning and more pressure will be brought upon them and their partners in the period to come. He promises that "Before this campaign reaches it end we will have identified and named all those involved in the Libya/IRA connection, especially those who arranged the money transfers and arms shipments".

In response to the personal attempt to discredit him, Mr Frazer named in the article as 'the Markethill Globetrotter', refused to apologize for providing a voice for the victims of Republican Terror on a world stage. He states 'My only regret is that when I traveled abroad before working with FAIR, I didn't speak up enough'.

FAIR are determined to continue to press home for the truth regarding the support given to the IRA by Libya, and an apology from the Libyan government itself. People are encouraged to voice their support by signing the petition. Full details are available at www.victims.org.uk


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