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Response to Gerry Adams Speech

Today's speech given by IRA/Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams is in essence no different from the previous Armalite and Ballot Box strategy of yesteryear. Of course as victims we welcome the aspects of the speech that encourage democratic means but it is to no extent a repudiation of violence, containing text stating that he had defended the right to armed struggle.

Adams has said he wants to encourage the "alternative" to armed struggle, which can be summarised as the building of domestic and international political support for his objectives. This of course leaves open the option of armed struggle as something still legitimate and optional for the republican movement.

This statement gives no assurance to the border Protestants who are living day in and day out with the threat from IRA/Sinn Fein still upon their lives and that of their families. Violence is not an alternative nor an option and yet still Adam's refuses to speak against it. Clearly the mindset of violence is not changed.

Adams also states the need to act on an international level, terrorism now being an international issue. Sinn Fein have tried to redefine terrorism to exclude themselves from the equation and negative connotations but will only fail. As it happens, while this speech was being made representatives from FAIR were returning from meeting with the Colombian ambassador in London, who is keen to work with FAIR to counter propaganda from the IRA and their Colombian cocaine partner FARC. These groups are not peace loving as they try to portray themselves, but they are fanatical killers who see violence as a legitimate option with politics merely a means to reap their unjust rewards.


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