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British Intelligence / Gardai / I.R.A. Collusion

In recent times F.A.I.R. have been working on the compilation of a dossier, which exposes the extent of collusion between Gardai and the I.R.A. in the border areas. F.A.I.R. are responsible for evidence revealed to Judge Curry, which caused him to call for an enquiry. In the process of investigations, which the media and politicians are well aware of, we have uncovered more than was originally planned for. Not only has massive collusion taken place between Gardai and the I.R.A. in the border areas, but also we have found multiple cases where members of our community and members of our security forces were allowed to be murdered. Knowledge has also been gained of circumstances in South Armagh, where large numbers of I.R.A. terrorists could and should have been actively engaged or at least apprehended. Unfortunately security forces were prevented from taking such action on a number of occasions, as they were told of a bigger picture that was more important. It is now time that this bigger picture be made apparent, especially to the families of those murdered to protect this big picture. We find it highly disturbing and upsetting that some people in places of authority allowed I.R.A. members to escape justice and go on to kill more members of our community and security forces.

We have been aware for a time now, of the extent of involvement by Martin McGuinness and know of at least one situation where Loyalist paramilitaries were in a position to shoot him, but the attack was called off at the last minute. No reason was ever given to the persons involved for this last minute change of decision. After discussion with past and serving members of security forces we have also learned of specific details that leads us to conclude that at least one senior South Armagh I.R.A. figure has been working for British Intelligence for many years.

Sinn Fein have in the past called for enquiry after enquiry into collusion between security forces and Loyalist paramilitaries. We also wish that an enquiry be launched into collusion between British intelligence, members of the Gardai and the I.R.A. From information that we have received and compiled, it is apparent that much of the I.R.A. command structure has been influenced directly by British intelligence infiltrators. This being the case, British intelligence agencies must account for the deaths of many innocent people within our community. Too many members of our community and our security forces were butchered in efforts to protect this bigger picture. As a community we now want to know why exactly our loved ones were allowed to be murdered.


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