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Letter to Peter Robinson & His Response!

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27 March 2007

Alderman Peter Robinson MP MLA Strandtown Hall 96 Belmont Avenue Belfast BT4 3DE

Dear Mr Robinson

It is very unfortunate and disappointing that victims have had little feed back from the DUP on what is happening in relation to the victims.

We as a group respect your mandate as you are the largest party and in return we ask you to respect the large section of the victims not only in South Armagh but throughout Northern Ireland who have been in contact with us and they would like to hear answers as soon as possible.

Although we do not agree with the situation but if measures were put in place to facilitate the victims perhaps we can move on. With that said, over the last number of weeks there have been a number of gunmen on the roads in South Armagh carrying out illegal activities. Only last Friday night we had a situation where we believe, from our good reliable sources that AK47 rifles were in use in the outskirts of Crossmaglen to lure police into an ambush. When this failed an attack was launched on the police barracks in Crossmaglen when over 50 petrol bombs and other types of gas explosives were used.

One of our members who was stationed in Crossmaglen in 1969 states that this latest incident is similar to what happened then, when police didnít respond to a come on situation the barracks was attacked and only for the support of the ĎBí specials were they able to repel the attack, nothing has changed since 1969.

Smuggling and other criminal activities by republicans is still very rife in South Armagh and there is clear evidence of this but those in authority appear to be happy to ignore these activities.

We have also seen rioting and other public order offences take place, these type of incidents in the past occurred in urban areas but now they are happening in the rural areas and the minority unionist communities are again living in fear.

We as victims are not looking for anything that we are not entitled to; all we want is justice and recognition for the stand we took. Not every victim may agree with us but the response we are getting from victims is that a majority of them support us.

I hope to be in contact with you in the near future.

Yours sincerely

William Frazer Director FAIR


Now read Peter Robinson's response to our letter!

Peter Robinson has some cheek to write this letter. Surely someone can represent his own views politically (regardless of the number of votes he gains), without impacting on their work with victims. It is a simple theory called multi-tasking! The problems in Ulster, which left so many victims behind were because of political problems. Therefore it is quite natural for a victim to desire political change and to do his/her best to bring about that change.

The arrogance expressed in this letter by Robinson, insults the victims within William Frazer's family, as it implies that he does not represent victims. It was alright to ride on the backs of victims such as William and FAIR, when they agreed with the DUPs politics. However now that many victims disagree with the DUP, it is not longer advantageous for the DUP to maintain their support.

May Robinson be reminded that many people including William Frazer voluntarily guarded Robinson and his house and family in years past. Thanks was never offered once for this voluntary work, not that any thanks was wanted, but it would still have been polite. It seems the same arrogance and ignorance is being expressed by Robinson still.

In all our dealings with the UUP and right throughout the debates between us, we never received a letter from them like this. Peter forgets letters from himself and his colleagues saying how great a work FAIR was doing. They said that only for FAIR, the victims issue would not have been raised to the levels they were. When we were burying family, friends and neighbours and after climbing out of rubble after attacks, we were all told how great we were and to keep standing firm against terrorists. However, it seems now that victims do not count. Peter could not tie the boots of my father or any other of my family members that paid the ultimate sacrifice. It was my father who taught me to stand up for what was right and NEVER give in to terrorism or threats, no matter who they are from!


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