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04.05.07 (2)
The Face of Democracy

It with utter and total disgust that we find now that all terrorists will have their criminal records cleared. Not so long ago we spoke to the DUP about this and warned them this move was coming. We were told that the DUP would never accept such a move. The victims have been asked to forget the past and to move on, while at the same time there is nothing or very little been put in place to help them. For people in wheelchairs and on crutches and with psychological problems, the pain of the past is felt every day and the innocent victims need the resources to be able to deal with that.

Now that the terrorists have been let out of the jails, put onto the policing boards, rewarded financially and politically, now they are to have their records wiped clean. Instead of a day of reflection that is being talked about, it is a day of action that we need. Every day from the attack on the individual victim, has been a day of reflection, which most people who have come through it would verify.

Again we are back to the pre-1998 scenario, where our government are trying to sideline the victims. This however will not be allowed to happen.

Given the history of innocent victims, the government should realise that it is simpler to deal with us, rather than ignore us. Then perhaps we could all move on.


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