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There is to be a legal challenge in the High Court by Michelle Williamson, not only on behalf of herself but for the thousands of innocent victims of terrorism. 

FAIR has been inundated with phone calls by organisations and individuals from all over Northern Ireland, and a number of other victims groups have also been inundated with phone calls from innocent victims people stating that they have been excluded by the commission before it even gets off the ground by some of their use of language straight out of a republican text book. 

William Frazer, Director of the largest victims group FAIR has been asked what has been done to rectify this and the answer is very simple – change the language that they have used, and if the victims are as important as they should be that should be no problem.  

There has been an attempt to claim that this is William Frazer and a few hotheads stirring which could not be further from the truth and to back up we list some of the organisations and people who have been affected from some of the bloodiest massacres that took place. 

Groups like Ely centre, Enniskillen, West Tyrone Voice, Tyrone, MAST from Kilkeel, GIVE (Give Innocent Victims Equality) from Newtownards, SDAHW (South Down Action for Healing Wounds) from Rathfriland Co. Down, SOLAS from Belfast, HURT (Homes United by Ruthless Terrorism) from Lurgan, Desertmartin Victims Group, Mid Ulster Victims Group, NAVSN (North Antrim Victims Support Network) from Ballymena, people affected by atrocities like Kingsmills, Darkley, Tullyvallen, Corry Square, Newry, Teebane, Claudy, La Mon, Droppin Well, Narrowater, Shankill to name but a few and this list is growing daily. 

Fools we were to stand by when they slaughtered us, fools we will not be by standing idly by while they glorify what they did. 
No one can argue that we are not talking about thousands of people who were affected and are not prepared to sell their souls for a few pieces of silver  
This is not about the individuals on the commission, this is about the language they have adopted which glorifies terrorism and excludes us, the innocent victims for the things we had lobbied for and have now got in place. If this commission is allegedly neutral then so should their language be neutral. A retraction of their attempt to glorify terrorism will go a long way to bring the innocent victims on board. 


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