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Breakthrough in Murder Investigations

After almost two years of investigation today has heralded a break through in one of a series of murders currently being reviewed. FAIR working in close co-operation with local police to look again at the hundreds of unsolved murders in South Armagh. Cold Case reviews as they are now called were first raised by the group in 1998 as prisoners were released. Now almost six years later the government has announced a cash investment into the Murder Review Team to help them tackle the 1,800 unsolved murders.

FAIR case workers have been assisting the police and already two dossiers on a series of murders in the South Armagh area. Many of the murders were committed by the same gang using the same weapons. Permeations of this PIRA gang were responsible for the Kingsmills and Tullyvallan massacre and security documents in the possession of the group and now police confirm the identity of the gang. A number of new evidential leads were raised by FAIR researchers and led to the police agreeing to revisit the scene of the Tullyvallen shooting.

In a ground-breaking development a scene of crime investigation was carried out to establish a number of facts that were raised in the cold case review. Police returned to the scene for the first time in twenty nine years, in order to establish the foundation for a major line of inquiry. FAIR through its investigation was able to obtain an eyewitness avadavat from the man who fired the shot that put the PIRA murder gang to flight. He maintains that he hit the gunman and forensics confirm his weapon was fired. The scene of crime investigation confirmed our teamís contention that a gunman was hit and carriers the bullet or at least the wound to this day.

In what has been heralded as a major breakthrough police must now focus their attention on a small group of suspects one of which carriers the marks on his body which prove his involvement. We are now demanding that the police act to arrest these individuals, and the accomplices who provided medical attention to the killers that night.

It is most fitting that at this time a human rights lawyers from the United States will be over in mid October to prepare these and other cases. He will be looking at ten test cases and will be exploring the impact of collusion by the Southern State. Gardai and Irish army personnel colluded both by action and omission in the abuse of human rights along the border.


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