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Why Ulster will not be intimidated & threatened

The reason that we have the current political situation within this "peace process", is because we were told that Plan B was so terrible for Ulster, that there was only one option. Plan B supposedly allowed the Republic of Ireland government a greater say in Ulster's affairs, but nobody has even really seen Plan B. This is why our politicians chose the path they chose apparantly. A fitting quote regarding Ulstermen that springs to mind from a German Officer during the war, is "They were lions led by donkeys".

When one considered our current political crisis, one could not help but recall an interview with an Ulster war veteran on Radio Ulster. He described how he and his comrades fought through 3 German lines with the one advance. When they came to a halt, there were only thirty men left and they had little or no ammunition. The most senior rank still alive was a sergeant. As the trenches that they just fought through filled up once again with German soldiers, they became surrounded. The thirty remaining men quickly contemplated what should they do. Against such horrendous odds with very little ammunition, the easiest thing to do was surrender, given the overwhelming odds against them. Before another word could be spoken in the few seconds of contemplating their next move, a wee Belfast man grabbed a German gun from a dead soldier lying on the ground and shouted "No Surrender". The rest of the thirty soldiers did likewise. They shouted "No Surrender" as they went over the top again, only this time from behind enemy lines and surrounded. These men fought their way back through the same three lines again and twenty men made it back behind their own lines.

From 1912 and earlier and right to the shores of America, the Ulster man fought and died against overwhelming odds, to secure freedom and to secure that which was right and just. In more recent times, when terrorists tried to force United Ireland, through mass murder, torture and genocide, the Ulsterman answered the call to defend their communities. Most especially in the border areas like South Armagh, these men knew that the risk was great to their lives from the enemies of Ulster. However they did their duty to protect the community from cowardly terrorists who hid in hedges in the night and lay in wait for families coming home to attack them. These men insisted this was their home and their country and they served whole-heartedly to make sure nobody would take it away.

This is still the same today. Ulster has not been taken, but it has been given by our own political leaders to the enemies of the Ulster people. As loved ones of the people left behind, our message is for politicians not to get too comfortable in your new surroundings, because as our forefathers, fathers, brothers etc. stated, Ulster is not for sale! Plan B does not intimidate us and by us we mean people who have had to pay great sacrifice over the last number of years and would do the same again to protect Ulster and freedom and justice. Our past loss was not so that our current politicians can put terrorists into government and allow them to be in charge of education of our children. Our call is for our politicians not to dishonour the brave name of the people gone before us by stating they were intimidated and threatened into supporting the St Andrews Agreement.

Here we stand, we WILL do no other!


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