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Robert Walpole one said “ every man has his price” and many in Northern Ireland watch with sickening anticipation to see at what price members of the DUP have been bought. The disgusting spectacle in the news of Edwin Poots standing alongside a member of Sinn Fein/IRA as they laud the Maze development tells its own tale. It seems the deal between his party and terrorists has been long hoped for by Mr Poots as it will bring him one step closer to realizing his mercenary Maze dreams.

As the Bible says “He who has ears to hear, let him hear”, for victims will say this but once – we will not tolerate the creation of a shrine to terrorists at the Maze. It is a disgrace to think that members of the DUP will allow Sinn Fein/IRA the chance to rewrite history to portray their terrorist past as justifiable as an honourable war. Perhaps now that they have become partners in government the DUP also have a vested interest in rewriting history and expunging the bloody records of republicans? We fear that the DUP will now allow Republicans to reinvent themselves in order to pretend they are fit for government and the decision to share power with them was not so great a backslide for democrats.

They say that victors always write the history and this is perhaps what the DUP and Sinn Fein/IRA will try to do as they portray themselves as statesmen. However victims will never allow this and will work tirelessly to expose the real truth of what happened. The political motivations behind the Maze plans show that the government and those in favour of the plans care nothing for sports fans, victims or indeed the people of Northern Ireland. We wish to associate ourselves in support with Kate Hoey Labour MP whose honesty and logic is clear. She exposes the real plans for the Maze

The politically inspired grand idea to transform the Maze into something symbolic of a brighter future for Northern Ireland with a shrine to be erected to the hunger strikers, may appeal to bureaucrats operating out of a Government department but it doesn't appeal to the vast majority of football and rugby lovers in the province.

We would say that it definitely does not appeal to victims and we will not tolerate a shrine to Bobby Sands and his fellow terrorists. We will work with others to oppose the plans and will be identifying and exposing investors who are involved. If victims are not listened to we guarantee that we will work to ensure that investors know the truth and know our plans for protest and opposition. Victims groups in the USA have offered to picket the offices of American investors to ensure they do not commit US Dollars to a terrorist orientated development. We will ensure if there is a shrine on that site we will demolish it and wipe their memory out.


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