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More on Quinn Murder

William Frazer of the South Armagh based victims group FAIR (Families Acting for Innocent Relatives) this afternoon travelled to Newry to meet with the PSNI and Garda to pass on sensitive information received by him from known Republicans and other members of the Nationalist Community in South Armagh in relation to the brutal and callous murder of Cullyhanna man Paul Quinn.

Attempts are being made by police and government ministers on both sides of the border as well as on Mainland Britain to have the enquiry kept low keyed to prevent any backlash at Stormont similar to the ‘Stormontgate’ affair and the Northern Bank robbery carried out by the IRA.

While it has yet to be confirmed that the PIRA leadership in Belfast did not sanction this callous murder it is well known that the IRA in South Armagh not only sanctioned this murder but members of their organisation carried it out.

The people of South Armagh know through bloody experience that those involved are the IRA in this area irrespective of what orders did or did not originate from the Adams/McGuinness central leadership. As in any organisation those at the top bear ultimate responsibility for their subordinates. This murder is their responsibility whether it happened through acts of illegal commission or omission by the illegal PIRA Army Council.

William Frazer will also be asking the question of the local police commander why Garda officers were permitted to carry out enquiries in the Cullyhanna area, what jurisdiction they have and if any subsequent arrests are made by the PSNI on the information gathered by the Garda how will it be produced in court, this illegal gathering of information is a ‘get out of jail free card’ on the slim chance of anyone being made amenable.

While the victims welcome any belated cross border police co-operation, we painfully note its absence during the troubles. There has clearly been no reciprocation for this over the past 30 years and indeed its legality is questionable considering the difference in jurisdiction.

Republicans in South Armagh cannot be given special policing privileges with access to a foreign police service. It they are genuine in their support for policing it cannot be for the Garda it must be for the RUC/PSNI.

The question has also to be asked if the Garda officers operating in Cullyhanna were carrying firearms (which most likely they were), what action if any was taken by the PSNI in relation to the illegal possession of firearms by members of a foreign police force.


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